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iaThis training exercise is designed to help users understand the basics of re-sizing images, file naming, uploading and publishing images into the media library.

Resources to Review: 

  1. Image Editing – Quick Guide
  2. Experience Editor - Standard Image Sizes
  3. Image Optimization/Compression Recommendations and Settings
  4. File Naming Conventions and Best Practices
  5. Media Library: File Management Standards
  6. Media Library: How to Upload an Image or File
  7. Media Library: How-to Attach Over an Existing File
  8. Media Library: How-to Link to File on a Website Page
  9. Email Builder: Publishing Media Library Items

Training Exercise: Crop an Image, Save, Upload, and Insert or Link to It

Note: This training exercise should be completed after you have received Sitecore Basics training. 

  1. Download two images from the Sample Pictures Box folder
  2. Crop an Image to a specific width and height
    1. Responsive Blog Featured Images: 880 px x 550 px
    2. Non-Responsive Blog Featured Images: 490 px by any height
    3. Email Builder Image Full-Width Image: 580 px x 300 px
    4. Email Builder Image Article: 116 px x 116 px
  3. Save your images to your desktop using the File Naming Conventions and Best Practices
  4. Optimize your image using the compression tool
  5. Upload the images into the correct training folders in the media library or email builder folder
  6. Add alternative text to the image
  7. Insert an image into the "Media Library Images Documents Content Blocks" page in your training space or into a test email