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  1. Login: How-to Login to Sitecore
  2. Email Marketing: Bulk Email Communications
  3. Email Best Practices - Helping Your Emails Succeed and Making the Process Easier
  4. Alumni Communications > What are important considerations when I am sending communications to alumni?
  5. Best Practices - Help Your Emails Succeed
  6. Email Marketing: Calls to Action, Links and Hyperlink Text, Call Outs and Buttons
  7. Brand Toolkit: Sitecore Email Builder Page
  8. Brand Toolkit: Event Templates Page

  9. Sitecore Email Builder: Training
  10. Sitecore Email Builder: Placeholders

  11. Sitecore Email Builder: Example Controls

  12. How to use the Sitecore Email Builder

  13. Step by Step Creating an Email with Sitecore

  14. Email Builder: How-to Organize Multiple Emails
  15. Email Builder: Modular Components Best Practices
  16. View Your Email in a Web Browser
  17. Image Editing – Quick Guide
  18. Media Library: File Management Standards
  19. Media Library: How to Upload an Image or File
  20. Email Builder: Publishing Media Library Items
  21. Email Builder: How to Link to a PDF or Other File
  22. Accessibility compliance: PDF Settings
  23. Email and Email Image/Document Archive Process
  24. Email Builder Training Exercise

Sitecore Email Builder How-to Guides

Email Marketing How-to Guides