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Below are several common issues that occur with Recommendation responses (the form the Recommender's complete), details regarding those issues, and some solutions.


If a user to the Admissions-web-application requests a Recommendation with an invalid unique-ID, we provide an error message. This may occur if there is a typo when manually typing or copy/pasting the link to the Recommendation. The error page provides instructions for the Recommender to reach out to the applicant with suggestions on how to resolve the issue.

Inactive Recommendation

For a variety of reasons, applicants regularly change who they would like to serve as Recommenders. When a recommender is "removed" from an application, the Recommendation record in the LRM is deactivated. This deactivation does not send a followup email. Thus, a recommender may try to respond to a request that is no longer needed. One other edge case would be an applicant "removing" an recommender and then adding back the same recommender, so the recommender receives more than one email, but isn't interacting with the most recent.