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Verify this person should be unblocked

People can be blocked for a number of reasons, including hard bounces (likely a non-existent email) or they have marked an email as spam. In these scenarios, make sure the person should be receiving future emails, as they may mark it as spam again which hurts our ability to reliably deliver emails in the future to all contacts.

There are a number of reasons why someone can be excluded from an email send. They include:

  1. Blocked: The recipient's email address hard bounced on an email you previously sent to this person, or the email address had too many Soft Bounces from emails you previously sent to this recipient. Or the person marked your email as Spam and has a Spam Complaint Email Event.
  2. Missing Email: The recipient does not have an email address in the email field you set the email to send to.
  3. Unsubscribed: The recipient previously unsubscribed from all of your emails, or from the Subscription List associated to the Marketing List you sent to.
  4. Suppressed: The recipient existed on a marketing list set to receive an email, while simultaneously existing on a marketing list associated with the Email Send as a suppression list.

This article focuses on the first bullet point. If someone has had multiple soft bounces within 90 days or they have marked an email as spam, ClickDimensions will automatically block their email from receiving future emails. This is to help make sure people are not constantly flagging emails sent by WSB as spam, hurting our deliverability with all contacts.

In order to unblock someone's email (once you have verified they should receive future emails - such as by direct contact by the person), you will need to find an email that was attempted to be sent to their email address that is blocked. If the person has submitted an application after they are blocked, you will be able to find workflows on their application which have sent email sends easily. Another option is to do an Advanced Find for "Excluded Emails." This second option will be easier in most cases, as it does not require they be an applicant.


Under "Look For," select "Excluded Emails."


Select the field "Email."


Unless you know the exact full email, set "Equals" to "Contains." Enter the full email or partial email address in the text box.


Select the red exclamation point which says "Results" at the top of the window.


Double click on one of the results for the email address you wish to unblock.


You can also go to the excluded email section of an email send by navigating to "Excluded Emails (email was not sent)." Double click on the record you would like to unblock.



At the top of the ribbon, select the button "Unblock."

You will receive a prompt to verify the email should be unblocked. After verifying it should be, check the box at the bottom of the prompt and select "Unblock." You will receive confirmation the email has been unblocked.

More information can be found from ClickDimensions support here.