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Unsubscribe management processes within LRM.

Unsubscribe Record Creation
ClickDimensions provides the unsubscribe functionality. The [ Gears ... link ] should be included at the footer of ClickDimensions email sends. In order to unsubscribe, a contact must select the unsubscribe link. Once the contact unsubscribes, the contact will no longer received ClickDimensions emails. 

This user unsubscribe action does the following on the Person Record: 

1. Sets the "Do not Allow Bulk Email" field under Preferences to Do Not Allow 


2. Creates an Unsubscribe Record.  
Both of these system settings block any future ClickDimensions email from being delivered to the contact. 


Review this dashboard regularly to ensure that contacts, especially applicants, are appropriately flagged with an Unsubscribe record. 

Workplace > Dashboards > Admin: Unsubscribe Management
There are several views to toggle between in the second drop down. 
Active Unsubscribes:
  • All Prospective Students
  • Applicants
  • Applicants - Admit, Admit-Pending...
  • Prospects with > 1 interest
  • Prospects with > 1 interest - EEMBA 
  • Prospects with > 1 interest - FTMBA

Inactive Unsubscribes:

Note that one can also find out inactive Unsubscribes by clicking on the down arrow of the list and manage them as well as needed.   

Delete Unsubscribe Record
Contact to delete an unsubscribe record from Person Record. 

If the contact record is inactive, run the workflow "Contact:Activate" to reactivate the contact record and then follow the steps specified above.   

More information on ClickDimensions Blog regarding managing Unsubscribes within the ClickDimensions framework (Dec 2014).