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This document outlines how to update a marketing list for an event email send.

Process: Use a marketing list to send an email about an upcoming event and EXCLUDE contacts that have already registered and/or attended the same or similar event. 

For this example, we will use advanced finds/saved views (queries) built under People and Campaign Responses to build a marketing list and then remove members from the marketing list that have already attended the same or similar event. 

Process Step One:

Create or review an advanced find (saved view) under People to gather the potential names for the marketing list. 
Go to: Workplace > People > Advanced Find > Saved Views
1. Create or Confirm Saved View that you would like to use for your marketing list. 
Go to: Marketing > Marketing Lists
2. Create a STATIC Marketing List using one of the Person Views. 
 a. Marketing List Name = 
 b. Type = Static
 c. Targeted At = Contact
 d. SAVE Marketing List
You can also use an existing Dynamic Marketing List, but you have to create a Static of the dynamic list for this process. Refer to the image below to Copy To Static. If you do this step, then you can skip to Process Step Two. 
 a. Open Dynamic Marketing List
 b. Static Marketing List is created with date and time stamp. 
 c. You MUST change "Locked" from Yes to No in order to proceed with managing the members on the Marketing List. 
3. Select Manage Members > Use Advanced Find to add members
4. Select the Saved View you created in the beginning of Step 1. 
5. Select "Find"
6. Select "Add all the members returned by the search to the marketing list > Select "Add to Marketing List" 
7. Save the Marketing List if they are any unsaved changes by clicking on the save button in the bottom right corner.
8. If necessary, repeat steps in Process Step 1 to create all the marketing lists you wish to send the event email to. 
Process Step Two: 
Use Advanced Find to update marketing list to EXCLUDE contacts that have already registered for the event. 
Use the Advanced Find button in the top right, shown in the screenshot at the beginning of this article.
1. Create an advanced find/saved view for the event attendees you wish to exclude from the event email send (ex. contacts that have attended an information session previously that have an event (Campaign Response) activity on their record). 
Go to: Marketing > Marketing Lists
2. Pull up the static marketing list(s) you created in Process Step One. These are the marketing list(s) you wish to remove previous event attendees from
3. Manage members > Select Use Advanced Find to remove members
4. Select the saved view you created in the beginning of Process Step Two. 
5. Review list and select > Remove all the members returned by the search from the marketing list
6. Your marketing list is now updated ready to use for the email send. 
7. Deactivate the static marketing list AFTER use, and create a new static list next time you want to send an event invite.