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This article outlines the features available from LRM directly in Outlook when the Outlook connector is installed.

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When going to the Dynamics pane within Outlook, there are many features and functions from LRM available directly in Outlook. Most features are under Workplace > My Work.

You can also navigate to different sections by going from the main screen to Workplace > My Work and then which ever area you would like to work in (Dashboards, Contacts, Applications, etc.).




Opening the contacts tab allows you to view and search for contacts the same way as if using the browser for LRM.

To edit a contact, select the Edit button on the top left of the ribbon. This will open a web wrapper to the contact within LRM. Similarly, select the New button to add a new contact.

To add a new activity to the contact, select the "Add" tab at the top of the page. Select the activity type you would like to add, and a web wrapper for LRM will open. Fill out the information as usual, and save.


The application view is similar to the contact view. From it, you can query for certain applications, run an advanced find, create decisions letters, edit, and activate/deactivate an application. All of these functions can be found in the ribbon at the top of Outlook. For more information on application managment, view the articles located here.