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Linking to and embedding Wisconsin School of Business videos and unbranded videos.

Videos can be integrated into the Wisconsin School of Business website in two ways as links or embeds. Links to videos can be in text (hyperlinks), buttons, and other forms of calls to action that link to a video that is on a different website page. Embeds can be used to feature a video directly in the content of a website page. Below are some basic guidelines for videos sourced from within and outside of the Wisconsin School of Business.

Wisconsin School of Business/Branded Videos 

Wisconsin School of Business or Campus branded videos can be linked to or embedded. If the content in the video is relevant to the content on a specific website page embedding the video may be preferred.

Supported Embedded Platforms:


Unbranded Videos or Videos from Other Sources

Any videos that are not developed and branded by the Wisconsin School of Business or Campus should only be linked to.

If you are uncertain as to whether or not not your video should only be linked to or embedded please feel free contact web team by emailing or submit a web team service request through the WSB Support Portal

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Learn more about how to embed videos into: