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This article describes the testing process in WSB's Production environment.  Please note when testing in production as an applicant, you must use last name == "wsbtest" and email == "firstname.lastname + <date>" to register so that the test data generated won't be included in reporting.  

  1. Visit the Admissions website:
  2. Select the program you are supposed to test
  3. Fill out the admission account registration form
  4. After registering, you will receive an email from "Wisconsin School of Business, Admissions <>"  with the title "Wisconsin School of Business - Admissions Application Account Registered"
  5. Check your registration mail and click on the button "My Application Account>>" in the email to log back into the admission site with the email and password registered
  6. Click on "Start application" to create your test application
  7. Review each page's content carefully, record any issues/bugs
  8. Progress to fill in all the required field on each page and save or (save & continue)
  9. When you are on the "Wisconsin Residency" page, fill in the external application (you may answer no, no, and no to the three questions on the application if you do not wish to claim your Wisconsin residency for tuition purposes) and be brought back to your application.  You may find more information in Residency Application Process
  10. Pay and submit

           Please Note:  you may use the test credit-card cashNet accounts 

  • CC: 5454545454545454
  • name/address: just needs to be valid
  • Exp. Date: 12 / (current year)

Congratulations!  You have completed your application testing by submitting a "wsbtest" application. Please report any issues/bugs via WSB's support portal:

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