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The Wisconsin School of Business has an request process for the creation of new WSB WordPress Sites. This helps to ensure that the right tools and resources are used to support the school's digital presence. As well as, continue to ensure the most efficient approaches to support search engine optimization (SEO), distributed authorship, and user access of our primary website (The Wisconsin School of Business currently uses Sitecore to support the primary website, event micro-sites, and landing pages).

Below is an overview of the process, work flow, best practices, and resources for supporting website, accessibility, and performance standards on a school owned WordPress site. 

Request and Approval of WordPress Supported Content

The Wisconsin School of Business uses WordPress to feed content into the blogs which are rendered and displayed using Sitecore. A few select microsites are supported using WordPress. New micro-sites or blog instances should be requested and approved by the director of Integrated Marketing Communications.

  1. Submit a request to the web-team.
  2. The request will be reviewed and forwarded to the director of Integrated Marketing Communications.
  3. A consultation will be scheduled and completed to review the website needs and goals.
  4. The marketing and web team will determinate what would be the best platform for and location of the content. 
    1. If WordPress is the best option and approved:
      1. Review and approval of a 4th level domain name will be performed by the director of Integrated Marketing Communications.
      2. The Wisconsin School of Business web team will work with the DoIT WiscWeb team on the creation of a new space.
      3. There are specific website hosting settings in place for all Wisconsin School of Business websites.
      4. The Wisconsin School of Business owns any WordPress sites, but requested individual users within the school will be granted various levels of access.
    2. If WordPress is not approved, the users will be informed of any next steps and a primary solutions will be recommended (Sitecore, LRM, etc.)
  5. Content recommendations and discussions between all the stakeholders will take place and a plan for making the website live will be confirmed.  This will include:
    1. Brand review by the marketing and web team.
    2. Approval by the Brand and Insights manger to go live. 
  6. Once the website is live, the users of the new space will be trained on how to use the space (either by the Wisconsin School of Business Web team or WiscWeb, whichever is appropriate).
  7. Users will be able to reach out directly to the Wisconsin School of Business marketing and web team as needed. The marketing and web team will help facilitate any updates or improvements with WiscWeb.

Wisconsin School of Business WordPress Blog Set Up and Ownership

  • The Wisconsin School of Business is the primary owner of any WordPress sites associated with content related to the school. 
  • The Wisconsin School of Business can request changes be made to any sites representing the School.
  • All sub-domain's of are approved and owned by the Wisconsin School of Business.
  • The users of any micro-sites understand and continuously self-educate and participate in training regarding:
    • Website best practices
    • File management 
    • Website performance standards
    • Accessibility
    • User Experience
  • The micro-site should not directly compete with the Wisconsin School of Business' primary website. Therefore, it should be behind authentication or not be search indexed.  If it is search indexed, it will need approved content specific to it's purpose and should not duplicate what is on the primary website.  It should reference the primary website as much as possible and link back to the primary website in the header and footer. 

Minimum Requirements: Specific Types of Content

Resources for Supporting Website, Accessibility, and Performance Standards