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Below are links to the most common knowledge base articles related to these topics: intranet, brand toolkit, website style guide, Sitecore, Sitecore Email Builder, iContact and more. These articles are used most often during training and they are a great quick reference if you need help understanding how to do a specific task. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the knowledge base articles using the search field and drop down list above. The Academic Technology and Web team also features many other resources in the University Knowledgebase. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email or submit a web team service request through the WSB Support Portal. Learn more about the Web Team Support System.

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Website Style Guides and Standards

The Wisconsin School of Business website is a critical communication channel and one of the primary ways we communicate our brand to the world. As such, it is it important to follow brand guidelines when developing content and designing the web user experience.

Learn more about the Digital Style Guide »

Faculty and Staff Directory

The faculty and staff directory is currently managed in two places. Please request assistance from human resources when you need updates made to the directory. Individual biography pages are managed in digital measures and can be updated directly by the faculty or staff member.

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Student Profiles and Advisory Board Management

Coming Soon.

Email Marketing and General Best Practices

If someone is involved in sending marketing emails, email newsletters, or other email messages to groups of people using LRM, iContact, or other email tools (except for Wisclists or groups of your personal contacts in Outlook), a general understanding of mass email marketing best practices, laws, and processes is essential. 

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Sitecore Email Builder

The Sitecore email builder allows individuals with no coding experience to build responsive emails. Utilizing modular components an individual can create brand approved .html files that can be used in email marketing providers like iContact and LRM/Click Demensions. Authorized users can currently manage website pages on and request Sitecore training from the web team.

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The web team offers units throughout the Wisconsin School of Business the ability to send mass emails through iContact. This service is free and iContact support is provided by the web team. iContact is currently offered in addition to the LRM/Click Dimensions offered by ITS. iContact should be used when LRM/Click Demensions is not available or the target audience is not suited for a send from LRM.

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In select instances the Wisconsin School of Business utilizes the WiscWeb WordPress service. Our primary website and hosting services are through Sitecore. The content creation for our blogs and select micro-sites are hosted on WordPress. Reach out to the web team for more information we can help facilitate a request and determine if WordPress is the best option for your specific need.

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Internal spaces including research seminars and knoweldge base articles are hosted in Conlfuence. Confluences spaces are provided by the Information Technology Solutions shared service team. The web team offers specific training in how to use confluence to share information about research seminars.. 

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Training Courses

The web team offers training courses in Sitecore, website content management, the email builder and responsive emails, image re-sizing and accessibility standards, file naming standards, PDF accessibility, and iContact and email marketing basics.

Online Courses (Coming Soon)

  • Sitecore Basics
  • Website Content Management
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Email Builder and Responsive Emails
  • Image Re-sizing and Accessibility Standards
  • File Naming Standards and Organizing Your File Libraries
  • PDF Accessibility
  • iContact and Email Marketing Basics

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Small Group Training Sessions

The web team schedules monthly small and large group training sessions. Please see the Web Team Training Schedule and ask to join an upcoming training session. 

  • Sitecore Basics (60 minutes)

  • Website Content Management (60 minutes)

  • WordPress Blogs (60 minutes)
  • Research Seminars in Confluence (45 minutes)
  • Email Builder and Responsive Emails  (90 minutes)

  • Email Conversion Goals and Success Measurements (60 minutes)
  • iContact and Email Marketing Basics (45 minutes)
  • Image Re-sizing and Accessibility Standards (30 minutes)

  • File Naming Standards and Organizing Your File Libraries (30 minutes)

  • PDF Accessibility (20 minutes)

  • LastPass (20 minutes)

  • Website Editorial Styles (Coming Soon)
  • Digital Style Guide (60 minutes)
  • SEO Basics (60 minutes)

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Campus Training Resources

In addition to the the training course offered by the web team, Campus provides may products and services that are beneficial and can deepen your understanding of many tools an resources. For example the free services through campus can teach you more about image re-sizing, Google analytics, and more.