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The web team is always happy to help. For the best results the web team recommends creating a request when a new project needs to be started or accuracy updates are required. The support system helps create a collaborative - team oriented work space. If one web team member is unavailable, another team member can provide assistance. By sending in a new email to or by creating a service request in the support portal a new request/issue is created. By replying to previous communications from the support portal the original request is reopened, and/or communications about that specific request continue. 

How-to Submit a Support Request

  1. Go to and login. Then, click on Web Team > Service Request. Or, Email
  2. Often times if you contact a web team member directly, they will move your request into the web team's ticketing system. 

What Should You Do When Working on an Issue in the Web Team's Ticketing System?

  • Create a new request when a new project needs to be started.
  • Reply all or reply using the interface on any existing issues.
  • Whenever possible continue communication threads about a specific request on the existing issue.
  • If you need to change topics, consider creating a new request in the support portal.
  • The web team's support system allows the team to automatically copy individuals who should receive correspondence about a specific request. So, it is important to reply to the issue specifically, this helps ensure that the specific individuals who are involved are kept informed.

Recommended Best Practices

  • Visit the WSB Support portal directly to submit requests and view all your open requests. 
  • Include a link to the website page in question on requests.
  • Help others in your unit know a request was submitted by copying them on the email or sharing the request.
  • The web team acts on simple requests as they come in, but larger projects are reviewed and prioritized each month.
  • The web team's standard turnaround time for accuracy updates is 2 weeks but urgent requests can be accommodated as needed.
  • Identify times of the year that your team should review your web presence and collaborate on the submission of accuracy updates. This may help reduce the amount of urgent requests by identifying needs ahead of time.
  • Format content similar to how it is on the website page. This helps reduce the amount of time it takes for the web team to act on a request. This also helps ensure that content updates are not missed.
  • If something is new and not an accuracy update, meeting with the web team early on can help ensure the process goes smoothly.
  • Identify who is the primary subject matter expert for the different sections of your website  (e.g. BBA Program Distributed Authorship).
    • This will help the web team ensure the correct individuals are informed of change requests.