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An overview of the key areas that are used in iContact.


The dashboard shows helpful information about messages you send and posts you create.


Email is where you will go to see your Drafts, Scheduled, and Sent emails. You can build new emails, modify send times, and view send reports.

Email > Sent Messages

Click on the Message Name or hover over the three ellipses to the far right and you will be able to see the send report for an email. Send reports included Opened, Bounced, No Info, Clicked, Unsubscribed and Complained details.

Email Impact and Report Details: Definitions Provided by iContact.

Opened: This statistic displays the number of contacts who opened your email as well as the total number of times your email was opened. Note: This number cannot be tracked with perfect accuracy. In order for a user to register an open, they must have images enabled in their email client or they must click a link in the HTML version of the email. Open % = # contacts who opened the email / # contacts sent to.

Bounced: The number of contacts who did not receive your email because their email account could not be reached.

No Info: The number of contacts who neither registered a bounce nor an open. Note: Some of these contacts might have opened your email. However, they will appear as No Info instead of Opened if they have images disabled in their email client or have not clicked a link in the HTML version of the email.

Clicked: This statistic displays the number of contacts who clicked a link in your email as well as the total number of times links were clicked in your email. Note: Clicks cannot be tracked for any users who cannot view HTML in their email clients. Click % = # contacts that clicked / # of recipients.

Unsubscribed: The number of contacts who removed themselves from your list using the subscription management link in the footer of the message.

Complained: The number of times your contacts reported your message as spam in their email clients.


Contacts is where all recipient lists are stored and maintained in iContact. All units have four main lists that are used for different types of communications. Segments of these lists are used for each specific email send.

Contacts > Lists

  • Event: Used to send all emails related to conferences and events.

  • News: Used to send all emails related to news and updates.

  • Staff: Used to copy the unit staff members on all email sends.

  • WSB-ATW-Staff: Used to copy the Academic Technology and Web Department on all email sends.

 Screen shot with arrows pointing to the important areas.

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