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Discover Marketing Research

Professor Joann Peck

researches consumer behavior, psychological ownership, and touch.

Check out her research here:

Caring for the Commons: Using Psychological Ownership to Enhance Stewardship Behavior for Public Goods

Professor Kevin Chung

researches quantitative marketing.

Check out his research here:

Social Structures and Reputation in Expert Review Systems

Professor Amber Epp

researches an interdisciplinary perspective of the relationship between family and the marketplace.

Check out her research here:

Journeying Together: Aligning Retailer and Service Provider Roles with Collective Consumer Practices

Professor Cheng He

researches sustainability, online consumer behavior, and digital marketing.

Check our his research here:

The End of the Express Road for Hybrid Vehicles: Can Governments’ Green Product Incentives Backfire?

Professor Qing Liu

researches the development of statistical theories and methods for the study of marketing problems that are of practical relevance.

Check out her research here:

Mixed-input Gaussian process emulators for computer experiments with a large number of categorical levels

Professor Paul Hoban

researches advertising effectiveness and firm decision making. 

Check out his research here:

EXPRESS: A Near Optimal Bidding Strategy Real-Time Display Advertising Auctions

Professor Page Moreau

researches creativity, consumer learning, and innovation.

Check out her research here:

Customization in Luxury Brands:

Can Valentino Get Personal?

Professor Thomas O'Guinn

researches  the intersection of sociology and social psychology, or micro-sociology.

Check out his research here:

Branding in a Hyperconnected World: Refocusing Theories and Rethinking Boundaries

Professor Evan Polman

researches self-other differences in decision making, creativity, gift-giving, psychological distance, and moral psychology.

Check out his research here:

Picking Gifts for Picky People

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