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1/22/20159:00am3070 GraingerGiang NguyenUniversity of North CarolinaOrder Flow Segmentation and the Role of Dark Pool Trading in the Price Discovery of U.S. Treasury Securities
1/23/201511:00am2510 GraingerAnh LeUniversity of North CarolinaInterest Rate Volatility and No-Arbitrage Affine Term Structure Models
1/30/201511:00am2510 GraingerAndrei SimonovMichigan State UniversityLoss Averse Preferences, Performance, and Career Success of Institutional Investors
2/13/201511:00am2510 GraingerXiaoji LinOhio State UniversityExternal Equity Financing Shocks, Financial Flows, and Asset Prices
2/19/20154:00pm2339 GraingerNarayana KocherlakotaFederal Reserve Bank of MinneapolisMarket-Based Probabilities: A Tool for Policymakers
3/13/201511:00am2510 GraingerKjell NyborgUniversity of ZurichCollateral, Central Bank Repos, and Systemic Arbitrage
4/10/201511:00am2510 GraingerBriana ChangUniversity of WisconsinEndogenous Market Making and Network Formation
4/17/201511:00am2510 GraingerGadi BarlevyFederal Reserve Bank of ChicagoMandatory Disclosure and Financial Contagion
4/24/201511:00am1195 GraingerDaniel CarvalhoUniversity of Southern CaliforniaThe Impact of Bank Credit on Labor Reallocation and Aggregate Industry Productivity
5/1/201511:00am2510 GraingerStavros PanageasUniversity of ChicagoImpediments to Financial Trade: Theory and Measurement
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