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The following sub roles will be assigned to a prospective student (lead) record in LRM.

Role and Sub-Role are assigned automatically by the system and are read-only fields. 




Prospective Student

No Sub-Role

Contact created an admissions application account, but has not started an application. No lead record or application record exists.



Contact has a lead record only. No current application record exists.


Lead and Applicant

Contact has a lead record, and a current application record.



Contact has a current application record, no lead record previously existed.

If the contact is marked as a prospective student with no sub role, the contact created an admissions application account by registering at, but did not start an application. To confirm this, see "admissions registration" date under "Lead Information." This contact has not started an application nor indicated interest in a specific Wisconsin School of Business program.

The sub-role updates to Lead when a program interest is added to the contact record and the contact does not have a current application.  

Interests are added to the contact record via the following lead or WSB user actions: 

  • Request for Information form submitted by the lead
  • Event Registration form submitted by the lead
  • Manual Interest Update form submitted by WSB user
  • Data Import submitted by WSB user

The sub-role updates to Lead and Applicant when the contact starts an application and had a previous lead contact record in LRM before they started an application. This contact was a known prospective student before they applied.

The sub-role updates to Applicant when the contact starts an application and no previous lead contact record in LRM. This contact is a direct applicant. See the Applications section for current applications.


If you believe a role for a contact is incorrect, contact your admissions office. 

Use the Show Lead Sections toggle to show or hide lead sections of Lead Demographics and Citizenship and Lead Information. This is helpful when working with contacts as applicants, and reduces the content shown on the prospective student form. For more information, see Prospective Student View Form.