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Instructions for setting up and using the light boards to create lecture content.

Light board Demonstration Video

Light board Setup

Studio components:

  • Canon Rebel T8i camera kit

  • LM8 Lavalier and Belt Pack Transmitter


Before Class:

  1. Turn on the lights. 

  2. Log in to the podium computer with your UW netID.

  3. Turn on the monitor and the monitor speaker.

  4. To make adjustments to the tripod height, crank the handle on the right side of the tripod (as you face the user side of the camera).

  5. Turn the camera on by moving the lever on top of the camera from the Off position to the video camera icon.

  6. Make sure the camera mode is set to Manual, and the lens is set to automatic focus 

  7. Place the lithium battery inside the lavalier receiver and the AA batteries inside the lavalier transmitter. Both sets of batteries are rechargeable.

  8. Plug the receiver into the microphone port on the Magewell capture card (the box connected to a blue HDMI cable).

  9. Turn on the receiver and the transmitter. Turn the VOL/PWR knob on the receiver to MIC. Turn the Level knob to the 11 o’clock position. 

  10. Attach the microphone to your collar so that it is directly under your mouth and clip the receiver to your clothing. A belt works best.

  11. Take off the cap from the lens.

  12. Adjust the height of the light board by pressing the up and down buttons on the side.

  13. Turn on the dimmers on the side of the light board. Adjust the presenter lights using the two dimmers closest to the backdrop. Set the brightness of the presenter light dimmers by aligning the orange markers. Turn up the furthest dimmer from the backdrop all the way. This dimmer controls the LED lights contained within the board that make your writing visible. 

  14. Open Zoom on the podium computer. (Login with SSO uwmadison) 

  15. Start a meeting.

  16. Adjust Zoom video settings.

    1. Click Video on the left bar. 

    2. Select USB capture HDMI+ as the camera.

  17. Adjust audio in the setting.

    1. Click Audio on the left bar. 

    2. Select Speakers / Headphones (Realtek(R) Audio) as the speaker. 

    3. Select USB capture HDMI+ as the microphone. 

    4. Turn off Automatically adjust the microphone volume

    5. Set Suppress background noise as High.

  18. Turn off the lights in the room.       

After Class:

  1. Clean the light board by using the cleaner.

  2. Turn off the dimmers on the side of the light board.

  3. Turn off the receiver and the transmitter. Charge the receiver and transmitter batteries.

  4. Turn off the camera and put the cap back to the lens. 

  5. Turn off the monitor and the speaker box.

  6. Log off on the podium computer.

  7. Turn off the lights and lock the door.

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