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  • If you are recording a Zoom session for the first time, you must enable Zoom cloud recordings
  • Open your Zoom meeting.
  • Select audio and video inputs.
    • Choose Mic (USB Capture HDMI+ Mic) as your audio input. 
    • Choose USB Capture HDMI+ as your video input.
  • Turn off image mirroring.
    • From the video settings, open Advanced Settings. Make sure that Mirror Image is not selected so that you can view your video just as your students.
  • Turn on the monitor. You will use this to see your students during synchronous sessions. Do not move the monitor as it is angled to prevent glare on the light board. 
    • The podium computer is already set to duplicate its desktop on the monitor, so you will see everything that is open on the podium computer.  
  • You are now ready to begin your call. You can see participants on the monitor and speak to them from behind the light board. 

Camtasia Recording:

  • If you have not used Camtasia before, set up a meeting with Teaching & Learning at
  • Camtasia recordings require you to bring a laptop with Camtasia installed to Grainger Hall. 
  • Open Camtasia.
  • Select “New Project” or "New Recording".
    • If you select New Project, click “Record” on the top left corner.
  • Turn off the leftmost tab to disable screen recording, labelled “Color LCD” below. Turn off system 
  • Select audio and video inputs.
    • Choose “USB Capture HDMI+” as your video input.
    • Choose “USB Capture HDMI+ Mic” as your audio input.