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1/8/202111:30AM-12:45PM CST

Botong ShangUniversity of Rochester"The SEC's Deterrence Effect on Corporate Fraud"
1/11/202111:30AM-12:45PM CST JamilovLondon Business School

"A Macroeconomic Model with Heterogeneous Banks"

1/15/202111:30AM-12:45PM CST

Leyla Jianyu Han

University of Hong Kong

"Announcements, Expectations, and Stock Returns with
Asymmetric Information"
1/19/202111:30AM-12:45PM CST TessariColumbia Business School"Common Idiosyncratic Volatility and Carry Trade
1/22/202111:30AM-12:45PM CST

Paolo VolpinCass Business School, City University London"Mandatory Financial Disclosure and M&A Activity"
1/27/202111:30AM-12:45PM CST

Maxime SauzetUniversity of California - Berkeley"Asset Prices, Global Portfolios, and the International Financial System"
1/29/202111:30AM-12:45PM CST

Jian LiUniversity of Chicago"The Importance of Investor Heterogeneity: An Examination of the Corporate Bond Market"
2/5/202111:30AM-12:45PM CST

Jay ImDuke University"Multinational Investment Policy: Why do Multinational Enterprises Invest Less?"
2/9/202111:30AM-12:45PM CST WittwerStanford University"Centralizing over-the-counter markets?"
2/12/202111:30AM-12:45PM CST

Mehran EbrahimianUniversity of Pennsylvania"Student Loans and Social Mobility"
3/5/202111:30AM-12:45PM CST AiUniversity of Minnesota"Information-Driven Volatility"
4/2/202111:30AM-12:45PM CST BoyarchenkoFederal Reserve Bank of New York

"It's what you say and what you buy: A holistic evaluation of the Corporate Credit Facilities"


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