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Effective November 2016, academic approval (via a screening proposal) by UW, as well as possibly, Higher Learning Commission (HLC) approval (UW's accreditator), for all contracts/purchases for credit instruction, must be completed PRIOR to submitting any contractual or purchasing requests to Purchasing Services.  The  The academic approval process is required, REGARDLESS of the purchase amount.  Specifics  Specifics on what types of contractual arrangements are and aren't included in the policy, are found in the following KnowledgeBase document: 

If the instructor* is an INDIVIDUAL (versus contracting with a corporation or other entity), remember that they MUST BE PAYROLLED (and are subject to the "Policy on Minimum Qualifications for Instructional Staff", see below).  Please connect with the WSB's HR department well before the start of any courses taught for academic credit, to set-up the proper academic appointments.

     *Instructors must meet standards for instruction, have background checks, Title IX training, access to the Learning Management System (LMS), and otherwise meet standards for employees working with students.

Please make sure to plan sufficiently ahead if Contracting for Credit Instruction may be needed, as the approval process takes quite some time.  As may take up to a SEMESTER.  As they require reporting to and possibly, approval by the HLC, UW-Madison academic approvals are required and are extensive.  

The following approval steps must be completed if contracting for credit instruction is needed: