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The WDGF program was established in 1997 through collaboration between the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education (VCRGE), UW Foundation, Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF), UW schools and colleges, and alumni donors

Guidelines for WDGF funding include (but are not limited to):

  • Fellowships must be paid from specially set-up UW Foundation funds (233). A partial funding match is deposited each August by the UW Foundation.  For more information on WDGF funds, please contact Jonathan Wolf in the FMO
    • The WSB has multiple Wisconsin Distinguished Graduate Fellowships that may be eligible for awarding, depending on funding availability.  Funding availability for the following fiscal year will be determined/confirmed in the winter/spring of the current fiscal year by the FMO, prior to the start of the next year
    • During their fellowship, fellows must register for and maintain a minimum of eight graduate credits each semester (courses 300 or above), and a minimum of two credits during the eight week summer session. Dissertators are required to register for three dissertator credits each term including the eight week summer session. It is the responsibility of the department to verify that fellows are fully registered
    • Sending out appointment letters to the fellows is a responsibility of the department
    • Fellows are eligible for health insurance (included in fringes rate)

Contact the FMO for current WDGF rates.  Note: Next fiscal year’s rates are not available until the VCRGE published them (usually between late Spring to Summer, prior to the start of the academic year)