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Applicant contacts the Program Office indicating that their recommender(s) have not received an email.


  1. Locate the applicants applicant's application record in the LRM.
  2. Navigate to the Recommenders section
    1. Clicking on the Rcommendation record will open
    2. This record tells us what 'Recommendation Type' the applicant selected
      1. Mail (not electronic): the applicant is directed to download a PDF form and submit it to the Program office. No email is sent to the recommender.
      2. Electronic: the applicant is directed to provide an email address. An email is sent to the recommender.
        1. BEL: If the applicant does not supply a valid email address or uses the same email address as they used to create their application, the electronic option is not available.
        2. The email is sent immediately on page save, and not upon completion of the application.
    3. This record also tells us when the recommendation record was created, which should correspond closely with when the email was receive
  3. Clicking on the recommender will allow you to see what email address was used (for electronic recommendations) and verify it is what the applicant thought it was.