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8/2/201612:00-1:30pm1280 GraingerKatrien AntonioKU Leuven, Belgium

Mortality modeling and forecasting with multi-population data*

*Multiple papers associated with this workshop:

Bayesian Poisson logLog-bilinear models for mortality projections with multiple populationsBilinear Models for Mortality Projections with Multiple Populations

Producing the Dutch and Belgian mortality projections: a stochastic multi-population standardMortality Projections: A Stochastic Multi-Population Standard

A Bayesian joint model Joint Model for population Population and portfolioPortfolio-specific mortalitySpecific Mortality

9/16/20162:30-4:00pm1140 GraingerMireille JacobsonUniversity of California-IrvineMedicare and the Mental Health of Seniors
9/23/20162:30-4:00pm1140 GraingerGopi Shah GodaStanford UniversityThe Effect of the Affordable Care Act on Coverage and Labor Market Outcomes
9/30/20162:30-4:00pm1140 GraingerGee LeeUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison

General Insurance Deductible Ratemaking;

Rating Endorsements using Using Generalized Linear Models

10/21/20162:30-4:00pm1140 GraingerChenyuan Lu & Anastasia IvantsovaUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison

How Common Are Dominated Health-Plan Options: Evidence from Firms with High-Deductible Plans (Lu); Do Some Insurance Firms Have More Underwriting Discipline Than Others (Ivantsova)

10/28/20162:30-4:00pm1140 GraingerKyeonghee KimUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonInsurance Investment Outsourcing: Investigation of the Life Insurance Industry
11/4/20162:30-4:00pm1140 GraingerJunhao Liu & Kenny WunderUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison
11/18/20162:30-4:00pm1140 GraingerDoug BujakowskiUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonUse of Litigation and Mediation in China
12/02/20162:30-4:00pm1140 GraingerRebecca MysersonUniversity of Southern CaliforniaChasing the missing diagnosesMissing Diagnoses: Exploring the unintended consequences Unintended Consequences of low-cost health screeningsLow-Cost Health Screenings
12/05/201612:30-1:50pm4151 GraingerDaniel SacksKelley School of Business, Indiana UniversityAdverse selection in the individual insurance market
12/09/20162:30-4:00pm1140 GraingerGwyn Pauley 

University of Southern California

Lifetime individual Individual and population consequences Population Consequences of earlyEarly-life access to health insuranceLife Access to Health Insurance