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1/25/20132:30pm2270 GraingerEric UlmGeorgia State UniversityScoring Rules of Subjective Probablity Distributions
2/01/20132:30pm2270 GraingerStephen MildenhallAon Benfield AnalyticsActuarial Geometry: Volumetric and Temporal Diversification of Insurance Risk
2/04/201311:00am1190 GraingerLiang (Jason) HongBradley UniversityBayesian Foundations of Insurance
2/08/20132:30pm2270 GraingerPeng ShiNorthern Illinois UniversityA Multivariate Analysis of Intercompany Loss Triangles
2/15/20132:30pm2270 GraingerMichelle XiaUniversity of British ColumbiaBayesian Methodologies for Insurance and Medical Applications
5/3/20132:30pm2170 GraingerJ. Tyler LevertyUniversity of IowaDo Elections Delay Regulatory Action?