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2/8/201310:00am2510 GraingerSerhiy KozakUniversity of ChicagoEndogenous Risk-Taking and Risk Premia Dynamics
2/15/201310:00am2510 GraingerMartin SzydlowskiNorthwestern UniversityIncentives, Project Choice, and Dynamic Multitasking
2/22/201310:00am2510 GraingerLuke SteinStanford UniversityThe Effect of Uncertainty on Investment, Hiring, and R&D
3/1/201310:00am2510 GraingerSoohun KimNorthwestern UniversityAsset Prices in Turbulent Markets with Rare Disasters
3/8/201310:00am2510 GraingerFarzad SaidiNew York UniversityThe Rise of the Universal Bank: Financial Architecture and Firm Volatility in the United States
3/15/201310:00am2510 GraingerHarrison HongPrinceton UniversitySpeculative Betas
3/22/201310:00am2510 GraingerShachar KarivUniversity of CaliforniaWho Is (More) Rational?
4/12/201310:00am2510 GraingerStefano GiglioUniversity of ChicagoAsset Pricing in the Frequency Domain: Theory and Empirics
4/19/201310:00am2510 GraingerTimothy McQuadeHarvard UniversityStochastic Volatility and Asset Pricing Puzzles
5/3/201310:00am2510 GraingerJonathan BerkStanford UniversityMeasuring Skill in the Mutual Fund Industry
5/10/201310:00am2510 GraingerMatthias KehrigUniversity of TexasFinancial Frictions and Investment Dynamics in Multi-Unit Firms