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DateTimeSpeaker/ AffiliationTopicZoom Meeting ID
1/29/211:30-2:45 pm CST

Stuart Rosenthal

Syracuse University

Are City Centers Losing Their Appeal? Commercial Real Estate, Urban Spatial Structure, and COVID-19992 5152 2816
2/5/211:30-2:45 pm CST

Raven Molloy

Federal Reserve Board

Housing Supply and Affordability: Evidence from Rents, Housing Consumption and Household Location940 4599 6836
2/12/211:30-2:45 pm CST

Ludovic Phalippou

Oxford University (Saïd)

Private Equity and Employee Welfare996 9309 2021

4:00-5:15 pm CST


Greg Buchak

Stanford GSB

Why is Intermediating Houses so Difficult?939 1070 1685
3/5/211:30-2:45 pm CST

Zheng Liu

Federal Reserve SF

A Theory of Housing Demand Shocks958 1142 3418
3/12/211:30-2:45 pm CST

Diego Puga


TBDTBD975 9746 6024
3/19/211:30-2:45 pm CST

Jack Favilukis

UBC (Sauder)

3/26/211:30-2:45 pm CST

Rebecca Diamond

Stanford GSB

4/2/211:30-2:45 pm CST

Carlos Garriga

Federal Reserve St. Louis

Amazon HQ2: A Tale of Shocks to Housing Price Expectations958 2286 0984
4/9/211:30-2:45 pm CST

Xudong An

Federal Reserve Philadelphia

4/16/211:30-2:45 pm CST

Yu Zhang

Peking University (GSM)

4/23/211:30-2:45 pm CST

Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh

Columbia Business School

4/30/211:30-2:45 pm CST

Rachel L. Ngai

London School of Economics