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Step-by-step instructions for the Quick Add process.

  1. Email Applicant

    • Notify the applicant that the admissions office will create a Wisconsin School of Business application profile on their behalf. The applicant will receive two emails – one regarding application profile creation and another regarding application submission. The applicant should not access the application site with their log in credentials until they receive the application submission email, as this might disrupt the quick add process.

    • Provide log in details (email, password) to the applicant and clarify that they not to log into the system until they receive an “Application Submitted” email. Temporary password suggestion: today’s date.  

    • This step should be completed before you start the following steps.

  2. Create Applicant Profile in Web Application

    • Go to:

    • Enter applicant name, email, and temporary password.

    • Manually enter information from the application materials into the online application. 

  3. Application Fee: Enter application fee waiver in the LRM Contact (see here for procedure)

  4. Residency: Set to “Undetermined” within LRM Contact (see here for procedure)

  5. If manually entering a Consortium Application: Mark 'Yes' within LRM Application Information section. 

  6. Log back into the web application and submit the application.

  7. The applicant will now be notified throughout the application process about changes in stage and status of their application.