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This document describes the process for printing to a GoPrint server from personal computers connected to UW-Madison's network.

If you have never printed to the Sharp Copier you will need to download and install the Sharp driver from here:

1.Click on the Apple menu Picture of Apple Menu Icon and select System Preferences...

2. Click on the Printers & Scanners
Printers and Scanners maybe Print and Fax in older versions

3. Click on the  right under the list of printers to add a new printer. Note that you may need to click the lock in the lower left and enter your admin password to unlock the add printer button.

4. Select the IP tab and configure the printer as follows:

  • Protocol: Line Printer Daemon - LPD
  • Address:
  • Queue: QUEUE NAME (e.g. WSB-4423-HP601)
  • Name/Location: These only affect how the printer is displayed on your computer.
  • Print Using: Generic Postscript Printer is fine for most printing. If you want to use advanced features you'll have to locate the correct driver for the printer you're printing to.

Print Queues available for printing:


5. The printer will now show up in your list of printers

6. Your print job will be held at the release station next to the printer. Your print job will be listed by your Mac username. Click on your print job, type in your NetID and Password......

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