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This knowledge base article provides basic guidelines on where and how WSB faculty and staff can choose the best system to enter identified engagements occurring from corporate and employer activities.  Additionally, the article maps the optimal data points defined for engagement tracking.

Recommendation for WSB's LRM-CER data management: 

System / AttributesLRMABEHandshakeNotes
Engagement activity types.

WSB advisory board contacts

  1. WSB alumni contacts. The alumni contact information will be pulled from ABE to avoid dual data entry.
    • Current state: dual data entry in Excel and ABE
    • Intermediate state: dual data entry in LRM and ABE
    • Future state: date entry into ABE → LRM
  2. WSB corporate contacts. Corporate contacts information will be pulled from Handshake to avoid dual data entry.
    • Current state: dual data entry in Excel and ABE
    • Intermediate state: dual data entry in LRM and HS
    • Future state: date entry into HS → LRM

WSB engagement activities focusing on relationship building.

  1. We recommend that WSB faculty and staff track the following information that may not be covered in ABE or Handshake:
    • Applied Learning Activity
    • Case Competition
    • Global Trips
    • Site Visit
    • Mentoring
    • Speaking Engagements
    • Sponsorships
    • Spotlight on individual or company in WSB publication

For example: Jake Siudzinski added relationship notes about the current recruiting partnership, such details likely would not appear in Handshake / BuckyNet or ABE.

  1. UW-Madison alumni
  2. UW-Madison friends
  3. UW-Madison donors
  4. UW-Madison volunteers

Engagements in ABE should include but are not limited to donor advancement activities:

  • Newsletters
  • Campaign communications
  • Event registrations
  • Affinity group
  • Mentoring
  • Other tactical information such as event schedules, etc.


  1. UW-Madison Employer
  2. UW-Madison Alumni
  3. UW-Madison Students

Career Service Management (was BuckyNet now Handshake) stores tactical information related to:

  • OCR: on-campus recruitment
  • Job postings
  • Career Fairs
  • Mock Interview
  • Student resume books
  • Other tactical information such as event schedule, parking permit, and room reservation, etc.

WSB faculty and staff can choose your preferred system to track your external engagement data. However, there is, predictably, some overlap among the LRM, Handshake and ABE, particularly in contact records.  The ability to share data in the Eco-system is a key piece of Fiscal Year 2019 initiatives as we continue to reduce the duplication of data entry.  

It is the LRM CER's goal to capture WSB’s external relationship data from the eco-system by:

  • Sharing information with other partner data sources.
  • Enter relationship engagement information manually.
  • Import relevant information through a semi-automatic import process.

We plan to explore data sharing options with ABE and Handshake initially, then expand our efforts into OAR, SIS and Campus Office of Admissions.

Data integration type

WSB would send the semi-annual engagement report to ABE to supply additional details around what WSB faculty and staff engage with Alumni, friends, donors and volunteers.

Import and export of CSV files from ABE and Handshake. Potentially more sophisticated capabilities using third-party software tools.

Current WFAA policy prohibits data integration with external databases. Data sharing through import and export of CSV files may be possible.Automated integration for upload into Handshake. Import and export of CSV files supported.
Technical SupportWSB's LRM team provides training, minor system enhancements and operational support as needed.ABE technical team provides online training. However, We do not have service agreement regarding system customization and operational support.Handshake is currently under implementation. However, it is not clear what reports or supports we will receive to import relevant information into the LRM-CER.

 LRM engagement data points: 

Data Points



First name



Last name



Email address








  • Company name
  • Industry
  • Account type 







WSB hosting business unit


  • BBA career advising
  • Accounting department
  • Grasskemp center

The relationship between the host unit and employer


  • Advisory board
  • Employer
  • Talent development
  • Corporate partner

Relationship status


  • Current
  • Prospective
  • Targeted

Activity type


  • Case Competition
  • Event
  • Speaking Engagement
  • Mentor Program
  • Site Visit
  • Global Trip

Activity subject



Activity description



Activity scheduled date



Activity actual date



WSB faculty/staff Name



Activities Note



Data Handling Instructions

WSB faculty and staff can choose:

  1. Enter the contacts and engagements into the LRM-CER themselves.
  2. Share the information with other team members so that they can enter it into the LRM-CER
  3. Send an email to to include the data points so that they can be entered into the LRM-CER.  Note: This approach is only applicable for faculty/instructors with extraordinary workload with teaching, learning, and research.   

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