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Determining how to secure external services when the funding involved is from sponsored projects (such as non-federal: 133 or federal: 144 grants) can be complex.  UW-Madison's Research and Sponsored Program Office (RSP), Purchasing Services, and the Office of Human Resources (OHR) have collaborated to bring Principal Investigators (PI; usually a faculty member or other staff conducting research on externally-provided funding) and research administrators a helpful tool to determine how best to fulfill your request

To access the Service Contracting Wizard, go to:

Effective immediately, the FMO requests that all external service requests funded on sponsored projects be submitted to the FMO with a screenshot of the wizard's results. 

You do not need to send/submit the results to RSP or Purchasing Services.  Only to the FMO, so that we may provide the results to the appropriate office when we submit the external services request for processing. 

This is a sample screenshot from the Wizard, showing what information you should provide in your submission to the FMO:

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