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9/08/20172:30-3:45pm1280 Grainger

Thomas Buchmueller

University of Michigan

The Effect of Organized Breast Cancer Screening on Mammography Use: Evidence from France
10/06/20172:30-3:45pm1280 GraingerKyeonghee KimWisconsin School of BusinessThe Effects of Investment Advisors in the Life Insurance Industry
10/20/20172:30-3:45pm1280 GraingerAlejandro H. DrexlerFederal Reserve Bank of ChicagoCapital Constraint and Risk Shifting, An Instrumental Approach (flyer)
10/25/20173:30-4:45pm2175 GraingerAnastasia IvantsovaWisconsin School of BusinessUnderwriting Discipline of Financial Institutions: Evidence from the Insurance Industry (flyer)
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