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Click dimension identified some email addresses as "invalid recipient" - hard bounce, and applicants never receive transactional emails from WSB program offices, resulting in communication problems with emails.

Troubleshooting process

  • Check the contact record of the affected applicant
  • Navigate to his/her Auto and Bulk Sent Emails grid view
  • Click on the sent email record, which should display 0 deliveries

  • Inspect the sent email record and identify the email address with the type of "Invalid Recipient"
  • Click on the record above to see the error message for this email event

  • Verify the message on UW-Madison's KB site.  eg. 550 5.1.1 means unknown or illegal email addresses
  • Follow this article to unblock the excluded emails due to bounces
  • re-send the messages if needed
  • Contact the applicant to correct the email address of the invalid recipient if unblocking is not working

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