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LRM Problem

When the program office receives a paper-based recommendation or employer authorization submission, the staff need to scan and upload the submitted materials to LRM, create the associated record with the application.  However, if the recommendation type or employer authorization type is set to be electronic, the applicant may not be able to "log into" his or her application dashboard due to the incorrect values in LRM: 


To resolve this issue, please follow these steps:

  1. First, find the affected applicant in LRM, and open the contact.
  2.  Open the application by double-clicking 


       3.   In the application, navigate to "Recommendations" and check the supposed manual recommendation by double-clicking


4.   Review if the recommendation form has the incorrect information in "Recommendation type" field

5.   Change "Submitted" = "yes" and "Recommendation Type" = "mail" if the paper-based recommendation is received, scanned, and uploaded into the application's secure document


       6. Click on save button and close record

       7.  Proxy as the applicant to log in to the application website using your admin account if available to verify that the error is resolved 

       8.  If the problem still persists, repeat step 1 -7 with the employer authorization form.  

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