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When an applicant is unable to accept his/her admission for a specific applied term, but like to be included in a later term, program office staff needs to follow these steps to accomplish the goal.  

Step-by-step guide

  • Open the application whose status needs to be changed
  • Check the application's data including Status, Stage, Term Applied, and record status

  •  Change the application's term applied in the "Administration" field to the current/required term

  •  Rewind the application stage to Admit by clicking on "Admit" in the application status ribbon, and then "Set Active" as shown in the image below.

  • If Application BPF = "Finished", run workflow to reactivate the application

  • After the application is in the "Admit" stage, create a decision letter and publish the decision and follow the other steps in the regular procedure to admit a student

  •  If the application accept deadline has passed, move the application to the next stage, "Admit", and enter the applicant decision as accept

  • Proxy as the applicant and check whether the applicant can Review Major selection and Review supplement information

NOTE: if the application decision deadline has passed you would need to change the "Override Application Open Dates" to "Yes" so that the applicants can accept the admission offer themselves.