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Emails that are created in the Sitecore Experience Editor will be maintained and archived in Sitecore for up to three years. After three years, any data associated with the emails, including documents and images, will be deleted and removed from Sitecore. If you would like to keep an archive of older emails, the web team recommends you make a copy of the .html, save a PDF version of the email, and upload any attachments to a Box folder. 

Overview of Basic Steps

  • Every year the web team will review the email in the Sitecore email builder.
  • When emails are found that are over three years old the program or unit will receive a 30 day notice that the emails will be deleted soon.
  • The program or unit will also be provided a box folder that they can use to archive emails if needed. 
  • After 30 days, any data associated with the emails including documents and images will be deleted.
  • Any images or documents that remain in use will be moved into the appropriate media library folders.