LRM Knowledge Base Updated!

Due to limited capacity and project priorities,  the EDT team is no longer to provide in-person LRM training sessions.  If you or your new users have any LRM related questions, please refer to the LRM Knowledge Base for training and documentation.  We are still available to answer your LRM related questions, but extensive in-person training sessions can be offered as training projects.  If you have in-person training needs, please contact the EDT team by submitting an ITS ticket at or simply sending your request to

Awhile back, we added the ability to search for contacts or applications by phone number into the LRM. This is useful for when someone calls you, and you need to record some information on their record. By searching for them by their number, you have a powerful way to find the contact without disrupting the conversation.

Searching by a phone number is similar to searching by email. In any of the boxes you would search by email or name on the contact, try searching for the contact's number.

There is no formatting enforced on phone numbers due to the complexity of different formats used internationally. If you cannot find a contact by typing their phone as below, try doing a wildcard search by using the last four numbers of their phone number. In the example below, I would enter "*1798*" into the search box.



As the team works to expand LRM and its capabilities, we are happy to announce we have implemented tracking boards and their members. This will help easily track and share who is currently serving on the many different boards we have within the school.


For a more in depth look in adding a board and board members, please refer to the article Add an Advisory Board.

As we look to expand the functionalities of the LRM, we have had a number of requests to implement Outlook integration with LRM. While testing out these functionalities, we encountered and issue where emails sent and tracked through Outlook did not appear under the communications and notes section! Due to the confusing nature of this, we decided to implement what is referred to as the "Social Pane," and updated version of this section available after the upgrade this summer. This pane will conveniently display all activities in one list, with the option to filter them as well.


The functionality of this section is similar to what was previously available, but now things are located in slightly different places. Rather than the previous plus sign to the right to add new activities, there is now an "Add Phone Call," "Add Task," and ellipsis to add new activities. Within this ellipsis are activities such as an email, appointment, case competition, event, and others.


To filter the activities, click the filter button on the left side of the screen. Then, only check the types of activities you would like to see.


It should also be noted the Notes section now appears to the right of the "Activities" tab on the top left of the Social Pane.

For more information on adding an activity to a person, please refer to the article Add an Activity to a Person Record. For engagement activities, view the article Record a WSB engagement activity with a company.