Admissions Application Management

Access to Admissions Applications - How to view applications to your program or plan.

Application Stages and Statuses - Understand the different application stages.

Application Fee Waiver - How to add an application fee waiver to a person record.

Making an Application Ready for Review: Checklist - How to make an application ready to review.  

Decision Management Guide - How to make or change admissions decisions on application records.

Admissions Review - How to complete LRM admissions review form.

Decision Letters - How to create decision letters.

Publish Decision - How to publish an admissions decision and decision letters.

Returning Applicants - Understand what information is carried over to a subsequent application. 

Deferred Applicants - How to update the application status for a deferred applicant. 

Post-Submission Application Adjustment Quick Reference - How to add or edit information after an application has been submitted.

Moving the Status Back in the Application Process Workflow - How to use the Application Workflow Process to move an application back a stage.

In-Progress Applicant No Longer Interested - Steps to withdrawing an application within LRM.

Admit Pending Quick Reference Guide - How to use the Admit Pending Conditions area.

Applicant Campus ID in LRM - How the applicant's Campus ID is populated into LRM.

Application Configuration - How to update application instruction sections within the WSB Settings of LRM.

Electronic Recommendation Records - How to view, update, and edit recommender profiles, as well resend the unique recommender electronic forms.

Documents Fail to Upload to Mashup - How to fix documents which fail to upload into the mashup.

Applicant Data Reports

Application Analysis - View key data points by program

Application Settings

Application Configuration - How to update application instruction sections within the Admin Settings of LRM.

Add, Update, or Remove Recommendation Questions - How to change the questions which appear to a recommender.