This document captures engagement activities that are related to Recruiting and Hiring students at the WSB. Engagements are listed below should be kept in BuckyNet

Primary Engagement Types for Recruit and Hire 

Engagement Activity Name


Job Posting

A job posting directed at hiring WSB students typically posted in BuckyNet.

Career Fair

WSB-sponsored career fairs including the larger Fall and Spring campus career fairs, as well as smaller career fairs
hosted by Actuarial Science/Risk Management, and Real Estate.  

National recruiting/career fairs are not tracked by External Relations

Information Session

A recruiting event that students attend to connect with employers and learn about job opportunities 
May include meals with students and employers, if the goal is recruiting.

On-Campus Interview

Employer face-to-face interviews that take place on campus and are hosted and/or facilitated by the WSB 

Note: this term includes in-person, phone and virtual interviews

Phone or Virtual Interview

Employer interviews that take place by phone or through a virtual connection (e.g., Skype) and are hosted and/or facilitated by the WSB