This document captures engagement activities that are related to Recruiting and Hiring students at the WSB. Engagements are listed below are secondary activities which should be kept in LRM

Secondary Engagements for Recruit and Hire

Engagement Activity Name


Case Competition

Participation in Employer-Hosted (e.g., General Mills) at either WSB or at employer site

Participation in WSB-Hosted (e.g., Graduate Marketing Network) with employer participation and sponsorship.

External relations does not track Third Party-Hosted case competitions (e.g., Real Estate's UT Austin).

Case Competitions give students the opportunity to test their business skills using potential work place situations. 

Site Visit

Company site visits for students, faculty or staff that provide an opportunity to experience the company's projects, operations, and culture

Publication Spotlight

An individual or company that was selected to be featured in a WSB publication. Offered specifically to BBA Corporate Partners. Improves a company's visibility to students. 

Guest Speaker

(or Speaking Engagement) The activity is a frequently sought after opportunity in classroom setting, student organization meeting, PO-sponsored, or KC-sponsored event.

An engagement where the attendees are the audience for some type of presentation, lecture, or panel. 

Quick Event


Service Learning

Gathering or connection of people around a common interest. Used in part to extend the "brand," while helping students learn about why "giving back" is important. (e.g., Kohl's recently sponsored a "social cause" event with students to help Porch Light)

Mentoring Program

Includes organized, structured mentoring programs by Program Offices, Knowledge Centers, or Student Organizations (e.g. Madison Business Mentors, Real Estate Mentor Program, Alumni Career Connections Program for EEMBA)

Corporate Sponsorship

An organization that provides financial support toward a WSB initiative or program in exchange for a value provided to the company.  "Pay to Play" - "Buys" company special access to engagements which help with visibility, brand recognition and potentially student learning.  ex. BBA Corporate Partner Program)

Applied Learning

By definition, Applied Learning is a student-centered activity or group of activities that allows the student to have practical, real-world experiences to apply classroom concepts. Applied learning activities typically involve interaction with the larger business/learning community

Advisory Board Member

An individual and/or company that serves on a Center-specific or WSB Advisory Board.

"Friend of Francois" or

Executive Leadership Team

Could open up a door to recruitment and hiring depending on the person's role/influence and current state of relationship with company

Networking Event

WSB-Sponsored or WSB-Hosted event where the primary purpose is to provide a forum where the audience can network with others who have a similar interest. 

For recruit and hire, primarily those in attendance are students and potential employers. A networking event could include multiple employers interacting with multiple students or it may include more intimate setting, like meals with students and employers.

Student Research Project Host

Company sponsored research project. The work the student is performing could lead directly to internship or full-time hire.

Student Consulting Project Host

Company sponsored consulting project.  The work the student is doing: analyzing, creating and presenting to company could lead directly to internship or full-time hire.

Badger Business Job Shadow Program

Opportunity for companies to increase visibility among students and opportunity for student to learn about a career path. As a secondary benefit, the company may identify talent early in the career of a BBA.  External relations and BBA Program Office coordinates these events. 

Resume Book

An employer may pull a set of resumes into a virtual "book" from BuckyNet in preparation for another recruitment activity. 
A Program Office may push a resume book to a company. The "book" also bolsters career fair attendance.

Conference Participation

Individual attendee at WSB-sponsored or WSB-hosted conference or event (e.g. Advisory Board Meeting) which more often than not brings together the WSB and the business industry.

What about company conference sponsorship? i.e. Real estate recently started seeking sponsors to help fund conferences - would this be included in philanthropic gift from compnay?

Philanthropic gift from company

Indicates company's commitment to the WSB. Potentially heightens brand recognition and increases visibility amongst students.

Company Grant

WSB or Company may initiate a company grant, which can serve as a platform to support secondary engagement.

Potentially heightens company's brand recognition and increases visibility amongst students. Could also benefit student learning.

Program-Specific Sponsorship

 BBA Corporate Partner Program can be Listed as Coprorate Partnership above.

Advisory Board Financial Sponsorship

Center board membership typically requires a gift/donation from an individual or company. For some MBA Centers, the sponsorship is in the form of sponsorship a Project Assistantship (PA) or Research Assistantship (RA) position.

"Buys" company special access to engagement activities which help with visibility, brand recognition and student learning.