This article outlines how to view, update, and edit recommender profiles, as well resend the unique recommender electronic forms.


Electronic Recommender Records

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Update recommender information on In Progress Application
If the application is In Progress, the applicant can update this information from the online application system. 
The applicant should first delete the incorrect recommendation record by selecting "Remove" button next to the recommender's name. The applicant can then add a new recommender record with the correct email address. If the applicant reports that the recommender's name is still spelled incorrectly, see below.
Update recommender information on Submitted Application
If the application is Submitted, the WSB admissions staff needs to update this information via LRM.
1. Access the applicant's Application Record and open the recommendation record that needs to be updated. 
2. Click on the recommender's name to open up the recommender's Person Record. 
 3. Update the recommender's profile and then Save & Close the record. 
 4. If necessary, WSB staff can resend the unique recommender URL to the recommender directly. 
It may also help to confirm the recommender email is valid. 
 Applicants can resend email to recommender once per day within the application system using the 'Send Reminder' button.