This article outlines how to set up a duplicate detection job. These jobs can be set up to run once or on a recurring basis.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Navigate to the "Data Management" menu within LRM by going to Settings > Data Management.

  2. Select "Duplicate Detection Jobs."

  3. Select "New."

  4. Select next, and then select "Contacts" from the dropdown on the next screen. From here, you can either use the dropdown for "Use Saved View" to select an already created advanced find, or you can create one to use for this detection job. Always make sure to include "Status = Active" in the query.

  5. Once the query is selected/created, click next.
  6. On the final page, you will select the time and/or frequency you would like this job to run at. You can also select different users you would like to have notified when the job runs (this is especially helpful to remind yourself/someone of the recurring detection jobs).

  7. Once the timing and emails are selected, hit next. On the final page, hit submit.
  8. On the main page of the duplicate detection jobs, you can see if the job succeeded or failed. Failed jobs typically run on large quantities of data and found too many duplicates.

  9. Clicking on the job you would like to examine will open it in a new window. In this window, select "View Duplicates" on the left.

  10. The top box will include a list of contacts the system believes it found a duplicate for. The bottom box will include all of the potential duplicates for the selected contact the system believes it has found.

  11. Once you have verified two records are duplicates, record these duplicates and report them to the LRM team via

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