Instructions for setting up and using the light boards to create lecture content.

Light board Demonstration Video

Light board Setup

Studio components:


Instructions for the 1070 Asynchronous Light board Studio are organized by item type and order of setup.  

Light board:

Spreader and Manfrotto Tripod:

Canon Rebel T8i Camera Kit:

Lavalier Microphone:

Camera Settings:

Lens Settings:

Framing Tips:

Recording and Playback

1080 Synchronous Studio

Magewell Capture Card and Podium Computer:



Camtasia Recording:

Studio Clean-up: 

Before leaving the studio, please disinfect all surfaces you touched with a cleaning cloth, including the camera buttons and screen, lavalier microphone, light dimmers and switches, markers and glass cleaner, podium computer, and any cords with which you may have come into contact. Never spray disinfectant directly on an electronic.

A good practice is to disinfect items as you reset them. To reset: