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W. David Bradford -

David Bradford

University of Georgia

The Effect of State and Local Housing Policies on County-Level Eviction Rates in the United States, 2004-2016

Wesley Yin

UCLA Andersen

The Role of Behavioral Frictions in Health Insurance Marketplace Enrollment and Risk: Evidence from a Field Experiment
(different time)

Christophe Dutang

Université Paris Dauphine

Machine Learning Methods to Perform Pricing Optimization. A Comparison with Standard GLMs



Jessica Hullman

Northwestern University

A Bayesian Cognition Approach to Improve Data Visualization &
Why Authors Don’t Visualize Uncertainty

Katherine L. Milkman, PhD

Katherine Milkman

The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania


Shoshana Vasserman

Shoshana Vasserman

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Buying Data from Consumers: The Impact of Monitoring in US Auto Insurance

Benjamin Collier

Fox School of Business, Temple

Credit Demand After a Crisis: Evidence from the U.S. Federal Disaster Loan Program

Ishita Sen

Harvard Business School
Internal Models, Make Believe Prices, and Bond Market Cornering