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How to access the leads report.

This leads report presents information on the status of your program's lead pool. 

To access the report:
1. Dashboards > Leads Dashboard: Tabular View
  • You can also access this report via Reports > Leads Dashboard: Tabular View 
2. When you access the report, you will see a message “Report is being generated” > Cancel this message, so that you can adjust the report query details. 
3. Adjust the query details to filter the report on the following attributes as necessary:
  • Program
  • Lead Status
  • Term of Interest
  • Program Type
  • Qualification Score
  • Region
4. Click View Report
5. Please be patient as the report data loads. This could take several minutes, as there is a lot of data for the report to cycle through. 
Understanding the Report
The gray column headings provide information on the specific person:
  • Lead Status
  • Term of Interest
  • Number of Interests
  • International status
  • Region
  • URM
  • Specific Interests 
  • Current Applications
The red column headings provide counts on the entire data set:
  • Number of Leads
  • Number of Not Validated Leads
  • Number of Validated Leads 
  • Number of Applying Leads
  • Number of Applied Leads
  • Number of Committed Leads
  • Number of Inactive Leads